United States Team


Argonne National Laboratory, Lead

 Photo of Thomas Wallner

Thomas Wallner, Director

  • Section Manager for Fuels, Engine and Aftertreatment Research, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Fellow of SAE International
  • In collaboration with Tsinghua University, Chair for SAE Powertrains, Fuels and Lubricants conference in Beijing
  • Argonne National Laboratory representative on U.S. DRIVE Advanced Combustion & Emissions Control Tech Team and Advanced Engine Crosscut Team
 Photo of Vincent Freyermuth

Vincent Freyermuth, Deputy Director

  • Led system simulation team at Ford Motor Company for Ford’s first hybrid vehicle
  • Worked for Cummins in hybrid powertrain development for commercial vehicle applications
  • Supported Cummins’ hybrid powertrain development efforts in China
  • Served as Cummins’ China-based technical lead on all energy storage-related development
  • Collaborated with Tsinghua University on battery state-of-charge algorithm development
  • Holder of numerous patents for control optimization of hybrid powertrains
Photo of Joann (Yan) Zhou

Yan Zhou, Operations Manager

  • Principal Transportation Systems Analyst at Argonne National Laboratory
  • Research focuses on market trend and impact analysis of advanced vehicle technologies and related infrastructure
  • Operations Manager for CERC Clean Vehicle Consortium

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