Energy Management

Maximize fleet efficiency through advanced energy management at the vehicle, multi-vehicle, and fleet levels

CERC-TRUCK focuses on advanced energy management at the vehicle, multi-vehicle and fleet levels, with an overall goal of improving vehicle energy consumption at the individual vehicle level by 15% and the freight efficiency of fleets at the regional level by 30%.

Initially, partners in the United States and China are collecting existing on-road vehicle trip profiles for both countries. Researchers will use data collected to develop and optimize specific algorithms for medium-duty and heavy-duty applications for both U.S. and China markets. Analysis will quantify and understand the market differences and the impact of predictive energy management together with engine-in-the-loop assessments to validate the proposed algorithms.

Longer term, research teams will develop a framework and specific use cases for both countries that automate the evaluation of multiple vehicle-level controls and study the impacts of a variety of driving scenarios and powertrain technologies. Ultimately, this team seeks to implement an algorithm to schedule the departure times of individual trucks to ensure that they can form a platoon.