Hybrid Electric Powertrain

Create a modular, flexible approach to the design of electrified powertrain vehicles

Candidate electrified powertrain truck technologies range from electric vehicles to range-extended electric vehicles to plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

The CERC-TRUCK team studies powertrain architectures to create a modular approach that considers mission requirements, flexibility of powertrain design for second life, and regional and vocational needs, taking into account the tradeoffs in subsystem sizing, cost, and matching.

Longer-term goals include development of a novel battery pack design that hinges on the concepts of flexibility and modularity, and creation of a completely reconfigurable energy storage system for medium-duty and heavy-duty hybrid trucks, whose characteristics (power density, energy density, thermal performance, and degradation) can be optimized directly in the field. Later, the team hopes to design a flexible and reconfigurable drivetrain architecture (power electronics + traction motor + engine + mechanical coupling and transmission) and quantify tradeoffs as a function of cost, weight, and performance.